World premiere of Mike Svoboda's Triple Concerto - Sebastiaan Kemner Trombonist
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World premiere of Mike Svoboda’s Triple Concerto

World premiere of Mike Svoboda’s Triple Concerto

After the 2013 Aeolus International Competition for Wind Instruments American composer Mike Svoboda was asked by the Sieghardt Rometsch Stiftung to write a concerto for the three finalists of the competition.

“My Triple Concerto is a vehicle for the soloists and enables them to explore their musicality. I am familiar with the inner workings of brass players, and especially therefore it was a special challenge for me to find a music that doesn’t seek refuge in the ‘brave new world’ of air noises of suchlike, but also does not cling to the brass heyday with its endless scales and arpeggios. In my piece, each of the soloists has a moment in the spotlight accompanied by the two percussionists.”

In April 2015 I had the enormous pleasure of performing the Triple Concerto for the first time, together with the other two finalists of the Aeolus competition, Tom Poulson (trumpet) and Rubén Durá de Lamo (tuba), and the Philharmonisches Orchester Cottbus.

You can listen to a live recording of the concert under this page or to click here.